Yoga and Relaxation

Rest your body...

Calm you mind..

Find peace and ease 

The unique style of Yoga you will experience here incorporates:


Add elements of Restorative and Slow Yoga and the result is a gentle blend of rest and nurturing to rejuvenate your body, replenish your energy and calm your mind.

Classes begin with a relaxing meditation, to quieten your busy mind and help calm you from the demands of your everyday life, before moving into a series of slow movements combining with the breath to create inner peace and harmony.

Classes are suitable for all ages and abilities and will help you feel more able to adapt to the challenges you face in your life, finding acceptance and flexibility in your body, mind and spirit. As you move through the postures you will become more mindful of your breath and begin to feel more calm and at ease.​

  • slow, gentle movement

  • breath work and

  • creative visualisation.

  • No previous experience is necessary.

Class Information

During these strange times that we find ourselves in  I have taken my classes online via Zoom.

All classes are

  • fun and friendly and

  • run for 60-75 minutes

  • Payment options are:

    • 4 Week Pass:

      • $75.00

With this option you can attend as many of the listed classes as you like during the four weeks and receive access to more exciting online resources.

  • Weekly  Pass:

    • $25.00

With this option you can come to all 5 classes during that week .​​

On booking you will receive your Zoom link for the classes.

You won't need much to enjoy these classes, just:

  • A quiet place where you can let go of external distractions

  • something to go on the floor underneath you - a yoga mat, if you have one or a blanket or towel work well too.

  • A blanket to keep you warm and cosy during the meditation.

  • Books can act as great blocks

My class schedule is listed here:

To Register for Online Classes:

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