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Reiki is one of our most ancient healing methods.

The word REIKI means universal life energy. It is made up of the two syllables:

  • “rei” (pronounced ray), describes the universal aspect of the energy and

  • “ki” (pronounced key), is the fundamental life force flowing in all living things. It is also known as chi in traditional Chinese medicine.

    You use energy throughout your day by just living. To maintain good health, you need to replenish that energy. When you are unable to do this, you may show signs of physical or emotional imbalances. Reiki is not only a simple and natural healing method; it is also a very effective way of revitalising your life force and balancing the energy in your body.

    Reiki assists you to find your way back to a state of health and wholeness.


  • helps support your body’s natural ability to heal itself

  • revitalises your body and soul

  • re-establishes spiritual equilibrium and mental wellbeing

  • balances the body’s energy

  • promotes total relaxation

is totally blissful

$90 per 1 hr session
$75 per 45 min session

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