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What Kinesiology Is

“Kinesiology encompasses holistic health disciplines which use the gentle art of muscle monitoring to access information about a person’s wellbeing. It combines Western techniques and Eastern wisdom to promote physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. Kinesiology identifies the elements which inhibit the body’s natural internal energies and accesses the life enhancing potential within the individual”

Approved definition of the Australian Kinesiology Association (AKA), 2006.

This is the official definition of Kinesiology. So what does it actually mean?


It means that Kinesiology makes you feel good.


Kinesiology is a natural therapy that uses muscle monitoring to find where and how you hold the imbalance/s in your body. It is also used to find the best way to bring yourself back into balance.


Your body is perfect


and that’s the way it wants to stay. It’s always striving to maintain that perfection. Sometimes life challenges your body’s ability to achieve this balance and try as you may, you just can’t get back on track. During these times it is sometimes necessary to get outside help. There are many excellent therapies available and Kinesiology is one of them.

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