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Bring Peace and Serenity into Your Life

with Gentle Yoga and Meditation

Move into 2023 with calmness and grace.

Find your centre.  

Yoga brings you Peace and Serenity in uncertain times. It helps you find acceptance and ease, so  you can look at the world through softer eyes.

With the exception of Yoga Nidra (meditation), all classes start with a guided meditation followed by slow yoga to help you build resilience and improve your mental and physical health. 

Yoga Nidra sessions include some gentle movement to settle you from your day before moving into the Yoga Nidra, a long meditation, also known as Yogic Sleep.

For sessions days and times please go to my bookings page:

Class Information

As we begin to move forward from the strange times we've been in, I will be offering hybrid classes, with both Face-to-Face and online classes via Zoom.

You will have the option to choose when you book.

Please note that the Face-to-Face classes are limited to four people at the moment.

All Yoga classes are

  • fun and friendly and

  • run for 60 minutes

  • Options are:

  • 10 Class Pass

    • $180.00 - Yoga

    • $150.00 - Yoga Nidra meditation


valid for 6 months (183 days) from the date of purchase

  • 5 Class Pass

    • $100.00

    • $82.50 - Yoga Nidra meditation


valid for 4 months (124 days) from the date of purchase

With these options you can attend as many of the listed classes as you want during the specified period.

  • Individual Class:

    • Yoga - $22.50 (60 minutes)

    • Yoga Nidra - $18.00 (45 minutes)


With this option you can drop into an individual class.


On booking you will receive the location for the Face-to-Face classes or your Zoom link for the online classes.

The current class schedule is:

For more information you can email by clicking here:

What you'll need:


You won't need much to enjoy these classes:

If you're attending a face-to-face class in Wonga Park:

  • Everything is provided:

    • Mats​

    • Blocks

    • Bolsters

    • Blankets

    • anything you need for your comfort.

  • Of course, if you'd prefer to bring your own then you are very welcome to do that.

If you're joining me on Zoom, it would be good to have:

  • A quiet place where you can let go of external distractions

  • something to go on the floor underneath you - a yoga mat, if you have one or a blanket or towel work well too.

  • A blanket to keep you warm and cosy during the meditation.

  • Books or cans of food make great blocks.

  • Cushions, pillows or rolled up blankets can be used as bolsters.

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