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One-on-One Yoga


Time spent just for YOU

Immersing yourself in a One-on-One Yoga class can be a beautiful way to reconnect with yourself. To find exactly what you need to come back to your centre.

One-on-One classes have a different energy to group sessions, and they offer you the opportunity to really tune into what you need.

Private classes move at your pace - the pace that feels right for you - allowing time for you to drop into yourself and relish the parts of the practice that feel good for you.

People come to One-on-One Yoga for all kinds of reasons.

  • Perhaps they’re feeling a little sluggish in their physical body and they want to ease back into some gentle movement at their own pace.

  • There may be an injury or illness that needs special attention.

  • Maybe they're going through some physical, mental or emotional blocks that need to be released.

  • Or it could be that they simply want some time to nurture and nourish themselves.


A private One-on-One Yoga class offers the opportunity for transformation, whatever that might be for you, transforming your life in a positive way.

Class Information

Private One-on-One classes are designed to meet your specific needs, so some time is taken before we begin to find out where you are physically, mentally and emotionally.  Your first session will be a little longer to get to know you and your specific requirements.

Where possible, private classes will be Face-to-Face however, should government restrictions come into force again, these classes will be moved online. 

All classes are

  • tailored to your needs

  • nurturing and friendly and

  • run for 60 minutes

  • Options are:

  • One-on-One Private  Individual Class:

    • $90.00 (60 minutes)

  • 3 One-on-One Classes 

    • $250.00


valid for 4 months (124 days) from the date of purchase​​

  • 5 Class Pass

    • $390.00


valid for 6 months (183 days) from the date of purchase

Couples are very welcome and the investment is the same as for an individual.


On booking you will receive the location for the Face-to-Face classes.

Bookings are made directly with me, however to purchase mutli-class passes, please

For more information you can email by clicking here:

What you'll need:


For face-to-face classes you don't need to bring anything. 

  • For face-to-face classes you don't need to bring anything. Everything you'll need is provided:

    • Mats​

    • Blocks

    • Bolsters

    • Blankets

    • anything you need for your comfort.

  • Of course, if you'd prefer to bring your own then you are very welcome to do that.

If you're joining me on Zoom then it would be good to have:

  • A quiet place where you can let go of external distractions

  • something to go on the floor underneath you - a yoga mat, if you have one or a blanket or towel work well too.

  • A blanket to keep you warm and cosy during the meditation.

  • Books can act as great blocks

and click on "Class Passes"

The current group class schedule is:

Tuesday Tranquillity Yoga - 1:30 to 2:30PM

Wednesday Wellness Yoga - 7:30 to 8:30PM

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