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Why Choose Kinesiology

Well, Kinesiology has a couple of really great advantages.

The use of muscle monitoring identifies the true cause of the imbalance by looking beneath the surface to find the unsupportive patterns that inhibit your natural healing ability.

Once these patterns have been identified, we work together retraining your thought patterns and conscious and unconscious responses so that they integrate in a positive way with all your body’s systems. In doing this, stress reactions that are holding you back are resolved and you are able to move forward.

The best way to find out about Kinesiology is to try it. You don’t need to be sick or distressed to have a session. You don’t wait for your car to break down. You take it to your mechanic for regular servicing to keep I running smoothly. So why not do the same for yourself. Self-maintenance and nurturing are essential for continued wellbeing….


What you think, you create,

What you feel, you attract,

What you imagine, you become.

Adele Basheer

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