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Everyone feels stress. That’s perfectly natural. But when it gets out of control we can start to feel as if we are running through life from one panic to the next. Our stresses can be big or small. It doesn’t matter. Whatever they are, they stop us from achieving our own greatness, whatever that is for each of us.
We all have an inner knowledge of who we are and sometimes the distress and pressure of life can lead us to feel so overwhelmed that we can’t think straight and so we just



can’t move forward

or backwards

or sideways

or any which way.

We just don’t know how to access the resources that help us to be the person we want to be.

Consultations are for 60-90 mins and your investment is $120 .00

Your Initial Consultation is longer, so that we can get to know each other and discuss your history and the reasons for coming to see me. This session is $150.00

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