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Have you used any of my services?

If you have, I hope you enjoyed your experience. I really value your opinion and would love to hear your feedback, so if you have a moment, I’d be very grateful if you could leave me a Google review by clicking on the "Google" logo below. Your feedback helps me improve and lets others know about your experience.

Thank you for your support!


"Lyn Jordan through her business “Symmetry & Balance” offers an invaluable service to the community in the practice of Kinesiology & Reiki.

I have been a patient of Lyn’s for the past 5 years and in that time she has helped me through tough times.

The service Lyn offers goes beyond the normal call of duty as she constructs beneficial programs to aid health & wellbeing of others. One of her recent programs was about “Stress Levels.” I found it was very beneficial to participate and be guided by Lyn’s well-researched information. It helped me recognise the areas of my life that I felt stressed and overwhelmed and ways to deal with it.

The care & commitment that Lyn gives to her many patients is more than just a service. Just to know that Lyn is there in times of need (physical and emotional) gives me strength and courage to carry on.

Thank you

Lianne Lewis, Kew, Vic."

"My first introduction to Kinesiology was several years ago when I met Andrew Verity. I felt this particular mode of healing was quite amazing. Five years ago I met Lyn Jordan and have been her client of Lyn’s since then.

It is always a good feeling as I set off to keep my appointment with Lyn – apart from the fact, she’s a lovely person, her professional knowledge and insight have been of great benefit to me.

The room where Lyn works is warm and welcoming, such a nice relaxing atmosphere.

Thank you.

Peggy Ormerod, Richmond"

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